5,020 x 15mm water-resistant SMD light ribbon (240 pieces of LEDs)
Printed circuit board thickness: 0.
Working voltage: 12V DC
Working current: 4,800mA
LED viewing angle (2 1/2): 120° 
Packaging: 0.5, 1 or 5m/reel
Electrical/optical characteristics at Ta = 25℃
Forward voltage: 12V DC (4,800mA)
Dominant wavelength: R: 621 to 624nm (1,000mA) G: 515 to 518nm (1,000mA) B: 469 to 471nm (1,000mA)
Luminous flux: R: 100lm (1,000mA) G: 350lm (1,000mA) B: 100lm (1,000mA) Recommend forward current: 3,000mA
Edge lighting of transparent or diffused materials
Paths and contour marking
Illuminated signs
Mood lighting
type: SMD LED
size: 3.2 x 1.6 x 1.1 mm Forward
voltage: 3.0 to 3.8 v
forward current: 20 ma
luminous intensity: 300-1800
perspective: 120 °
application: backlight, decoration and index
characteristics: thickness: 0.68 mm Low power consumption extensive perspective ideal backlighting and indicators All sorts of color and lens types are available
description: white color equipment by the gallium source in phosphating gallium arsenide phosphide soft green light-emitting diodes (leds)
packing: 3000 PCS/volume
180°rotatiom,anti-dazzling,meeting customer”s needs that lighting from different angles,good for eyes use excellent stoving varnish,no fading or turning colors.
Founded in 1999, EXCEED possessing 14-year experience in led business, 8-year experience in led lighting. Factory certified by ISO9001-2008 Quality control system, goods approved by CE/ROHS/TUV etc…EXCEED team inc...

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